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You or one of your member's family or friend was involved in road traffic accident. You don't understand how it's happen. You don't agree with the police report. You find it not complete and you are not satisfied.

We can help you as a technical assistant or make a private expertise, before, during or after a trial. In France, if all the involved persons have received the private expertise report, it should be taken into account by the judge. In these case, we can't be requiered like judicial expert in the same accident litigation (see the chapter "deontology").

Perhaps our costs can be taken into account by your insurance company. The french law "Badinter" protect the vulnerable road users and the passenger's vehicle. See this chapter.

To analyse and reconstruct your road accident, it is necessary to have a minimum of elements. Certain files can't be solved because data are missing, particulary to calculate the impact speeds.
The following advices can help you if you need an accident analysis. Apply these advices as soon as possible whatether you don't think to need today a detailed analysis of your acccident. It could help you later to answer some questions in case of litigation, many months or years after.
Don't waiting for nevertheless, a fast investigation by an accidentologist brings you better precision and fiability in the data.
  • Take pictures from all involved vehicle (with impact or involved without impact)
pictures for each vehicle

  • Ask a copy of police report (to your insurance company in France) and verify if you have a complete sketch with scale. Try to complete it as possible.
  • Take pictures in approaching direction of each vehicle
  • Photograph the impact point, the skid marks...
  • Keep your medical attestation, report.

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