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PREVENTION - Safety Awareness Modules

Today’s automobile technology evolves so fast that it is quite difficult to understand all of them. What means ABS, ESC...? What is the purpose of these systems and how to use ? The main parameters leading to fatal accidents are identified (alcohol, drug, overspeed...) but today it seems important to know the available safety systems and how to use them in an emergency situation.
Fasten your seatbelt is a good start, but adjusting it correctly is better. What are the consequences of an airbag deployment for an unbelted occupant ? How to use the ABS. How difficult is the proper adjustment of Child Restraint System (CRS)? How about two-wheels over risk situations ?

Safety awareness modules are available, covering various topics and can be adapted to your objectives. This could be done as speaker in classroom or as hexibitor in showroom, exposition. Concerning road safety at work, we recommend a preliminary assessment with respect to your company internal HSE policy.


  • Motorcycles, associated risks, prevention recommendations...

In France, motorcycle traffic is less than 2% but bears 21% of all fatal accidents in 2009.
risk situation with motorcycle

  • Mopeds, associated risks, prevention recommendations...

  • In France, 52% of mopeds passengers either do not wear an adapted helmet or do not wear it at all.

  • Pedestrians, associated risks, prevention recommendations...

  • For an impact velocity of 30mph (50km/h) and more, associated fatal injury risk is over 90%
    pedestrian riskpedestrian impact

  • Children protection (below age 10) : The Child Restraint System (CRS)

  • 73% of CRS are incorrectly installed

  • Young adults protection (Age 11 to 17)

  • At age 14 and above, two-wheel's fatal risk is increasing by 45%

    In the field of passive safety :

    • Wearing correctly your seatbelt, "submarining" hazard
    • Pretensioners and load limiters functions
    • Air-bags
    • Pre-crash systems
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Crash-tests
    • ...
    In the field of active safety :

    • ABS, ASR, ESC, BAS functionalities...

    • 50% of all drivers involved in an emergency situation did not reach their vehicle full braking capabilities
    • Lane keeping, trajectory control
    • Adaptative cruise control (ACC)
    • Adaptative lights and night vision
    • Safety systems in the near futur
    • ...
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